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  • wellsystem MedWave Touch
  • wellsystem MedWave Touch
  • wellsystem MedWave Touch
wellsystem MedWave Touchwellsystem MedWave Touchwellsystem MedWave Touch

wellsystem MedWave Touch

New model Dry water massage bed With Medwave_Touch, Wellsystem heralds a new era in therapeutic dry water massage. This particularly effective massage can be individually adjusted to treat specific complaints and offers additional massage techniques such as pulse massage. With the optional Spa_Complete, patients are transported into a unique relaxation world of light and colours during treatment. Depending on your symptoms, you can individually select different massage areas such as full body, shoulder area, back, lumbar area or legs and treat them in a very specific way. The shoulder muscle (musculus trapezius) is a major predictor of mental stress and, when hardened by a tense posture, causes pain and tension throughout the body. The specially shaped mat, which ergonomically encloses the shoulder and neck area with its special wave shape, allows the massage jet to move around the entire shoulder muscles. This provides a comprehensive massage of the trapezius muscle. For a highly effective shoulder massage that no other therapeutic massager offers.

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